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Hello - I'm Anna

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t always believed that God’s forgiveness and grace are meant for you. It’s hard to say out loud, but I really struggled with that.

Now I help women see God in their story by sharing my own story — Living A Sonrise Life. Every day I pray that more women will see The Son rise in their own lives.

This is what I do

At Sky Blue Annie, I share how God led me to this tiny corner of His kingdom, to live for Him and share my faith with you. I pray that you will find something helpful or encouraging here. If you pray, I would deeply appreciate prayers for courage and grace, and that I would speak the truth in love.

So many women feel shame, separation from God, animosity with God, fearful, unaccepted, lonely, isolated, or depressed. Often, many don’t even know how to approach God.

I hope women will see that we ALL fall short; EVERYONE misses the mark — and that God loves us anyway.

We weren't always "church people"

As a matter of fact, when a little old lady in Louisiana named Bernice us invited to attend classes at her church, we lied to her and told her we already had a church. I mean we tried those classes for two weeks — then we lied. We just  didn’t feel comfortable there.

God knew this was a big fat lie, and I just imagine the laugh He had as we covered our tracks with poor Bernice!

We hadn’t been to church since we were married, so we actually turned to the Yellow Pages to find one.

It was a coin Toss

One of us grew up nominally Methodist, and the other was nominally Lutheran. Lutheran won the toss, and we figured we’d try the Methodist church the next week, if the Lutheran church didn’t work out.

We liked that Lutheran church so much, we never bothered with the other one. After membership classes and my husband’s baptism, we were confirmed together, and the rest is history.

Many moves and many Lutheran churches later, here we are.

We All Need Grace

Even though my name (Anna) means Full of Grace, I am a sinner. It’s my nature.

However, I am also a child of God. Jesus Christ is my risen Lord, my Savior, and my King. I am a flawed and sinful woman, who knows the humbling, freeing power of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Therefore, as a forgiven sinner, I am reminded to show God’s grace to others. Sometimes I actually do, and other times I revert to my default: my old sinful nature.

My opinions are my own, and while I do prefer informed opinions over uninformed – let’s just say I have the shoe prints on the inside of my mouth that say otherwise.

Likely, I will go on my merry way, stopping to pick the gravel out and apologize when needed. That’s life!

You Might Be Wondering...

Is there an easy way to read the Bible?

Why bother with church — when it’s not even Easter or Christmas?

What’s a good way to get to know the women in my church?

Maybe I can help. I’ve been the one who’s hungry for God’s Word, the new person in church (again), and the one with the most questions (it seems!).

Is This You, Too?

Are you a Christian woman who isn’t actively maturing in your faith? (I was, too.) Maybe you don’t attend church, or, you might attend church, but you just don’t spend much time in God’s Word… because, where do you even start? 

I’ve found that many women struggle with applying the Bible to their daily life, which is why my passion is showing you Biblical Truths, and where to find them, by sharing anecdotes from my life, so you can see you’re not alone in wrestling with The Truth. One of the things my readers love most is that I share from my heart, and I would love for you to see if my story compels you to explore God’s Word for yourself.

A wise young man once said that we don’t grow in our faith by just stating, I am a Christian.” He’s absolutely right.

I Want To Connect With You

As long as I have a connection with the Internet, I hope to have a connection with you!

God uses imperfect people since forever, and I am just one of millions. I share the triumphs and the try-oomphs of my life with women who need to know they are NOT alone.

The blogosphere is vast, with countless choices and voices, and SkyBlueAnnie is my voice. Maybe my stories will resonate with you, and you’ll come back to hear more about Living A Sonrise Life.

I’d really like that!


Annie. Anna. Anne. I answer to all of them.

I married Lance, the man of my dreams, nearly four decades ago. We still hold hands.

Together, Lance and I raised a mighty man of God. Raising a son, and The Risen Son is where I came up with “SONRISE” for Living A Sonrise Life.

It’s also how I named the small patch of ground we affectionately call, “Sonrise Hobby Farm.”

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