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Ash Wednesday – Dreadful or Beautiful?

If you’re anything like me, you have missed the mark. Which mark is that? A perfectly sinless life. Even a sinless day. Or an hour. It never fails. Practically the moment I lay down the law, I break it. I HEAR the words I am speaking, and yet, as though I did not, there I […]

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I Need The Season Of Lent — And So Do You, My Friend!

If you’re anything like me, your childhood church attendance was more forced than chosen. My mother decided where we went to church. She was the Christian parent. Dad, not so much. She chose the local Lutheran church. My sister Tessie, my brother Freddie, and I, all went to Sunday school and church there. That’s where […]

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Valentines By Candlelight… And Coffee

If you’re anything like me, you RELISH the thought of hosting a small gathering of friends. Such was the case when I offered to host a table at our church’s Valentines by Candlelight. ANTICIPATION I could SEE the table in my mind. Burgundy Damask tablecloth. Twin octagonal glass pitchers full of cranberry punch, pouring into […]

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So, You Think You’re Ready For The Whole30 Challenge?

If you’re anything like me, when you finish the Whole30 Challenge, you immediately say to yourself, “I could totally do better next time!”   Prepare better, make better choices, and get better at taking to heart the lessons we learned.           A Science Experiment On Yourself, In A Good Way It’s surprising […]

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The Darkest Day

If you’re anything like me, you believe the promise of salvation in the Scriptures and you are not afraid of death. One day we believers will be alive in Christ Jesus, forever. Amen. The Darkness Before The Dawn The darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is December 21. The day of the […]

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A Page-A-Day Advent Book

If you’re anything like me, you love a sweet surprise. What a surprise the Advent Bag was! Twenty-five tiny little gifts in a bag were really object lessons for the Bible readings tucked inside. Kids and their families got to unwrap the season with a reason, one day at a time. This book is based […]

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As Is Our Custom…

If you’re anything like me, traditions and family customs were woven into the fabric of your life – whether they were handed down by the generations, stumbled upon by sheer serendipity, or simply found by the grace of God. Our family shares a LOT of traditions with Christians (and non-Christians, for that matter) all over […]

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Why I Decided To School My Son At Home

If you’re anything like me, you have considered homeschooling. You’ve got to start somewhere, and we started at home. My son, Simon, was spelling words like face, lace, pace, and race for me while we were out and about. Not exactly homeschool, but not exactly not. He was two. Halfway through grocery shopping once, Simon […]

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