Anna Barton - Creator of Sky Blue Annie

Hello – I’m Anna

Annie. Anna. Anne. I answer to all of them.

If you’re anything like me, you have wondered if God’s forgiveness and grace are really meant for you. I struggled with that, for years. How can a holy God ever love someone like me? And then I read His Word, the Bible.

I didn’t read the whole Bible in one sitting, though. Not even in the same year, or the same century, for that matter.

Now, it would be hard to imagine a day going by without reading a few chapters in God’s Word. And guess what? You, too, my friend, have the grace and forgiveness of God, just like I do. I know He meant us both!

“church People”

When a little old lady named Bernice in Slidell, Louisiana, invited my husband, Lance, and me to attend classes at her church, we lied and told her we already had a church.

I mean, we tried those classes, for about two weeks — then we lied. We just didn’t feel comfortable there. (Bernice is most likely in heaven by now, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that I told you.)

God knew it was a big fat lie, and I can just imagine the belly-laugh He had as we covered our tracks with poor Bernice, scrambling to find “our” church.

Lance and I hadn’t been to church since we were married, so we turned to the Yellow Pages. (Yes, it was before the rise of home computers, the Internet, and Googling everything.)

a coin Toss

One of us grew up nominally Methodist, and the other was nominally Lutheran. Lutheran won the toss, and we figured we’d try the Methodist church the next week, if the Lutheran church didn’t work out.

We liked that Lutheran church so much, we never bothered with the other one. After membership classes and my husband’s baptism, we were confirmed together, and the rest is history.

Many moves, and many Lutheran churches later, here we are. We would absolutely miss it, if we didn’t have a church home with fellow believers, worshiping God, and hearing His Word faithfully proclaimed.

By The Grace Of God

Even though my name (Anna) means Full of Grace, I am a flawed and sinful woman who knows the humbling, freeing power of God’s grace and forgiveness. This is because I am also a child of God. Jesus Christ is my risen Lord, my Savior, and my King.

 As a forgiven sinner, I am reminded to show God’s grace to others. And, while I usually do, other times I revert to my default: my old sinful nature. God uses imperfect people like me to spread His Good News – I am just one of many millions.

Here at Sky Blue Annie, I share the triumphs and the try-oomphs of my life with women who need to know they are not alone. I’d like for all women everywhere to live a Sonrise life!

You Might Be Wondering…

I can help, since I’ve been the one who’s hungry for God’s Word, the new person in church (again), and the one with the most questions (it seems).



I married the man of my dreams, nearly four decades ago, and we still hold hands. Together, Lance and I raised a mighty man of God.

Raising a son, and The Risen Son are where I came up with “SONRISE” for Living A Sonrise Life.

We affectionately call our tiny corner of the Kingdom, “Sonrise Hobby Farm.”