If you’re anything like me, there is an interesting story behind who you are now, and how you do what you do. We don’t just arrive one day as fully-grown adults armed with all the answers, (We never do wind up with all the answers), and life rarely resembles all the expectations we had. Not to worry – it just makes for a more interesting story!

I am Anna Barton. skyblueannie




I am a sinner from the word go. It’s my nature. I am also a daughter of The King, Christ Jesus, my Redeemer, and my God. As a flawed and sinful woman, I know the humbling, freeing power of God’s grace and forgiveness.

AS a forgiven sinner, I am reminded to be graceful to others. Sometimes I actually am, and other times I fall short. I Miss the mark. Oh, if only I were perfect, sinless, guiltless. THAT might be great.

My opinions are my own. I prefer informed opinions over uninformedalthough I have the shoe prints on the inside of my mouth that say otherwise

Likely, I will go on my merry way, and just stop to pick the gravel out when needed. That’s life.


In the age of eCourses, eBooks, Podcasts, YouTube, and one of my favorites – BibleGateway.com – there is just no excuse to stop learning. As long as Google is a verb, a person can find out anything about anything – just google it. We even found videos on how to multiply matrices, when information like that was necessary for my son’s education.


I don’t know anyone who is over-prepared. Prepared for what, you ask?

  • How about what you’re making for dinner tonight?
  •  What you need at the grocery store for the whole month?
  • Emergency meals, for when a storm has you cooped up – maybe without power?
  • Building up a Home Store, so you’re not tempted to hit the drive-through – again?
  • Smiling in the face of unemployment, because you’ve prepared a storehouse for your family?
  • Sharing your faith with people?
  • Your outfit for the next day, ready the night before?
  • A week’s worth of “snacks” that are wholesome, delicious, and won’t mess up your current diet?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to check these off your list, so you can prepare for a nice long soak, up to your ears in a bubble bath!

“We are here! We are here!”

The blogosphere is vast, with countless choices and voices. Skyblueannie.com is my tiny YOP. (Horton Hears a Who reference, folks!) Just one voice in a squillion. 

We’ll talk about…

FAITH, FAMILY, and FOOD: Making time for God, making memories with your family, and making the most of your food

INTERIOR DESIGN: Changes in your home AND your heart

PREPAREDNESS: Creating monthly menus, Home Food Stores, on-plan make-ahead snacks, game nights, and a plan to start your very own blog.

POWER TOOLS: The Bible, forgiveness, prayer, and some awesome small appliances

Fun Facts

I married the man of my dreams just five days after graduating high school.

My husband, Kenneth Lance Barton, goes by his middle name.

Lance and I have been married for over 36 years.

We still hold hands.

Together, we have lived in Okinawa, Japan, and six different states: Hawaii, Washington, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Connecticut.

I have two grown stepchildren and one son at home.

My grandkids are older than my son, Simon.

Simon skipped the 6th grade, and completed 7th through 12th grades (with some college) online, at Liberty University Online Academy. (LUOA)

I was lazy with my high school algebra. I earned my F.

LUOA taught algebra to me and my son. (and geometry, algebra 2…)

I am raising a mighty man of God, and that, plus the Risen Son, is where I came up with “Sonrise” for “Tales of a Sonrise Life” and “Sonrise Hobby Farm”

Sonrise Hobby Farm started out on a semi-suburban plot, a little over half an acre.

Now we’re on slightly more land with more room for the hobbies — and more chickens.

We have 16 chickens. 13 Buff Orpingtons and three Barred Rocks. Also, a dog and a cat.

We belong to a WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) church in our area.

If we ever move again, there must be a WELS church in the vicinity. (No joke. Reliably, thoroughly, Biblical — or as best as can be expected this side of heaven.)

Moose walk down our street, from time to time.

Deer frequent our yard.

Tassle-headed quails were so enchanting, that we’ve decided when we fence our yard someday, the quail need to have access, so that will be built into the fence!

My minimum requirements for our home were:

1. WELS congregation near enough to commute

2. UPS and FedEx able to make deliveries, and

3. High-speed Internet.

I got 2 out of 3 — My Internet service provider is my cell phone.

…And yet, I have managed to start a Blog!

Notice that I didn’t require a kitchen. Good thing, because this 1910 house did not come with one!

There’s ROOM for a kitchen… and there is a kitchen sink where the kitchen used to be… but not much else. I guess the previous owners needed the appliances and counters more than I did.

My (future) kitchen currently resembles a dining room — with a refrigerator in it.

My (future) dining room currently resembles a make-shift kitchen — with my Craigslist find of a convection oven & microwave combo sitting in the corner, waiting for their turn to serve me in the new kitchen.

Rolling carts hold my toaster oven, a microwave, a dehydrator, the Instant Pot and Kitchenaid, pots & pans, an induction burner, and food-stuffs. One even serves as a mobile working island. Very useful.

The carts and industrial shelving units roll out easily enough for vacuuming and mopping, and roll back just as easily! (Hmmm… I think there’s something to learn here for the new kitchen!)

This no-kitchen situation doesn’t scare me in the slightest – all the more time to perfect what I truly want in my kitchen…

And so it goes – life at Sonrise Hobby Farm – one day at a time, and one project at a time.