Your Secret Sister: Better Than A Fairy Godmother

If you’re anything like me, you’re glad you finally found your church home! It may have been a long time coming, or maybe you’ve been in the same congregation for years and years. Either way, it’s good to be home.

So, now that you are home it’s time you got to know your Sisters in Christ. These are the women who will walk the walk with you, shoulder to shoulder. They will bear your burdens and share your joys, just as you will bear theirs and rejoice with them.

Sometimes there won’t be any words, just a profoundly welcome hug, while you simply let go. Or you may be the one to offer the hug, the shoulder, the words of comfort or encouragement, or the prayer.

Sad, But True…

In a secular setting, we may not always feel comfortable in wiping away a tear, or offer a hug, and that’s too bad. It’s not as though the women in our workplace or our neighborhood don’t need us – or that we don’t need them – it’s just different.

Perhaps we’re not sure where they stand in their faith, and we know that our faith is the only thing that gets us through sometimes. With our Sisters in Christ, we know, be believe, we trust that we are safe to share. At least that’s how it is with me.

Can You Keep A Secret?

Don’t you think it would be great to have a godly woman pray for you for a whole year, to encourage you from time to time, and to remember you on your birthday and different holidays?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pray for another woman, to encourage her with little notes, and remember that she likes dark chocolate, Earl Gray tea, and blue? Oh, and that her birthday is easy to remember – it’s the same as your mother-in-law’s. (Yes, this happened to me, once!)

Two words: Secret Sisters

 Filling out a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes (and allergies, or things you are avoiding), your birthday and anniversary, your taste in flowers, and where you like to shop is a small necessity.

Then you get the questionnaire that your Secret Sister filled out, and you go about the business of praying for her, encouraging her, and perhaps leaving a note with kind words in her mailbox at church. All in secret. A delightful little secret!

So, Let’s Get Started!

Read her survey, then plot and plan and pray for her!

  • When is her birthday or anniversary? (Mark it on your calendar!)
  • Does she know how to rock a pretty scarf?
  • Does she LIVE for her music?
  • What does she like to read?
  • What are her hobbies?
  • What’s her favorite place to eat out?
  • Does she follow a sports team?
  • Are her pets a super-big part of her life?
  • Is she gluten-free, or a diabetic, or following a special diet?
  • Does she love her coffee?
  • What are her favorite flowers?
  • Is she allergic to flowers?!
  • Her favorite season … spring, fall, Easter, Christmas?
  • What is her favorite Scripture passage?
  • Does she need prayer?

Did you find out something on her form that you didn’t know before? Good! It’s always good to know each other better, even in this small way, so we can better pray for those in our church family.

Be Creative!

I know one woman who discovered that a loaf of banana bread, baked in one of those miniature loaf pans, just fits in the mailboxes we had at church. I don’t know how your church’s mailboxes are set up, but how fun is that?

  • How about a grown-up Easter basket, with bath bombs in her favorite scent, or an individual spa mask for when she can finally catch a break?
  • Possibly a pair of cute gloves and a shiny new windshield scraper in the winter; or an attractive sun shield for her car’s window, for summer?
  • Gardening gloves and a packet of flower seeds?
  • A wind chime or a potted flowering plant?
  •  A pretty teacup, a selection of teas, or fancy instant coffee packets?

Offer Yourself … Lift Her Up

Not everything has to be about spending money – and it doesn’t cost a dime to pray for her or to pay a genuine compliment.

Leave a note that says you admire the way she is raising her children to be godly. Send her a lovely Thinking of You card – just because.

My first Secret Sister’s son was getting married at the church, and I volunteered to be on the Reception Committee to help in a tangible way. Since I was new to that church, it was a good way to see into her life – if for a moment.

The Big Reveal

After a year, you find out who’s been so mindful of you, and you reveal your identity to your Secret Sister.

Trust me. It is wonderful!

In one church, we held an annual Saturday Brunch for the Secret Sisters and all the women who wanted to be in on the fun for the coming year. At some point in the morning, we gave a last gift to our Sister, and we received one last gift from the woman whose Sister we were.

At my current church, we had our end-of-year exchange at a luncheon after church, in December. I must tell you I cried when it was my turn to open my gift bag.

A set of exquisite, decorative floral plates, and the first one I saw had pink peonies. I just love peonies, and I truly miss my magnificent peony garden at our home in Connecticut. She hit the right chord. How touching!

You? YES, You!

With a little initiative, and some forethought, you could start doing Secret Sisters. Just come up with a little form to fill out, with as much or as little information as seems appropriate.

It may take a little convincing, in order to get a group of willing participants the first time. Bribe them with a potluck brunch, or at a tea party, if you’re so inclined.

Maybe this is exactly what your church needs! Perhaps it’s time you got in on the joy of Secret Sisters. Resolve to start (or join) with the women of your congregation.

♥ ♥ ♥  Sister, you can totally do this!  ♥ ♥ ♥



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