The #1 Desire of many christian women Is FINDING TIME FOR GOD’S WORD – Every Day.

let me show you where to look first.

Hi, I’m Anna, and I Can Help You FIND TIME FOR GOD’S WORD

It didn’t occur to me that I should read my Bible. Wasn’t that for Bible study – at church? I found out (in a Bible study – at church), when God said, “Let there be light,” He wasn’t making the sun. Not yet. God made the sun, moon, and stars – on the fourth day.

What else didn’t I know? I learn something every time I read my Bible.

You want to read the Bible every day, too. Yes, even though you’re busy with a million little things!

Try reading a few verses, then take time to meditate and pray about them. You do have time for that!

You want a simple plan. And, while you could read the shortest books of the Bible in 20 minutes or less – why do that? Simply to check them off your to-do list? You want more than another to-do to do!

Once you find time for God, use that time for growing in His Word, and not checking Him off your list every day like He’s a chore or a habit. I encourage you, my friend, to dig in – even one small passage at a time!