How We Read The Bible, A Little Every Day

If you’re anything like me, you know you should read the Bible, at least once, for your own knowledge. But it’s hard, right?

Nope. Not anymore.

Oh, you can do that?

In the mid ’90’s, I read the New Testament of the Bible, just because there was a challenge in the church bulletin, during Lent. They included a daily reading schedule, and broke it up into consumable, bite-size pieces. By Easter, you could finish the whole New Testament.

I confess, I didn’t follow the schedule. After a while, I just read ahead. (Turns out, it’s a really good read!)

WHY didn’t I ever read that before?!


A few years ago, God nudged me to read the whole Bible. Since I am one of those people who fall asleep with my nose in a book, I was thankful to find a super easy way to consume every word!

You’ve Got Mail

Through our church body’s website,, I found Through My Bible in Three Years. (It’s free!) Every day a new reading shows up in our email, and Pastor David Witte reads aloud a passage from the 3-year plan!

It’s all there for you to read, if you choose, but there’s no need to be able to pronounce the biblical names or places, if he is reading. I simply follow along on my laptop.

The cool thing is, I didn’t have to wait until the “beginning” of the three years to start. Like jump rope on the playground, you can just jump in and start! Whatever you’ve “missed” will come around again in three years, anyway, since it’s not laid out chronologically.

Coffee and a Laptop How We Dig In To The Bible A Little Each Day

Coffee And Devotions Time

Since my husband, Lance, retired, it’s now part of our morning ritual together to pour a cup of coffee and listen to Through My Bible, and then we listen to the Daily Devotionalso emailed.

At ‘half-time” we pour another cup of coffee and listen to the Scripture readings at the bottom of a third email – Daily Meditations, click open the passage(s) in the browser, and Max McLean reads it to us in Then I read aloud the day’s Meditation, to wrap it up.

The Daily Meditations are delivered to our inbox for under $15 per year. We subscribed at (Northwestern Publishing House).

Automated, Not Coasting

Just because we have our devotions sent automatically and read aloud to us (except the Meditations), doesn’t mean we’re on auto pilot, and mindlessly passing the time.

It’s a challenge, sometimes, to stay at rapt attention when there is a “list” passage. (For example, every single family that came back from captivity, or each part of the Temple and what it’s made of, the quantities and types of sacrifices, or who was the son of whom.)

While it may be a challenge, it is not impossible.

I do notice, from one reading to the next, some detail that I took for granted or maybe missed altogether, the last time I’d been through the material. Therefore, reading the Bible should never be Once And Done.

Read it again. And again. Hear the details. It all points to our Savior. God is in the details.

Find Out What God Wants You To Know

A Christian ought to know what God’s Word says.

God gave us His Word, and to not read it, would be at least rude.

Something to think about: Whether a person is FORBIDDEN from reading the Bible, or they CHOOSE NOT TO, the result is the same.

We should know it for ourselves, so we know better than to follow what our itching ears want to hear!

As it is with most of my dealings with God, it never even occurred to me that I could or should read the Bible – or why I might want to – until I was an adult. Better late than never…

If you haven’t read the Bible yet, my friend, the best time to start is NOW.

♥ Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and jump in! ♥


All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,

2 Timothy 3:16

Big Cup of Coffee How We Dig In To The Bible A Little Each Day


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