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Lance and Anna Barton

If you’re anything like me, you love godly worship, great food, and genuine friends.

SkyBlueAnnie, for me, is a wonderful way to share all of that and more, with women everywhere. We need one another — momentarily or for the long haul — and I believe we can learn so much from each other. This is where I share my Tales Of A Sonrise Life.

There is an interesting story behind who you are now, and how you do what you do. People don’t just arrive one day as fully-grown adults armed with all the answers, (and we never do wind up with all the answers). Life rarely resembles all the expectations we have, and that’s not a bad thing. Live. Learn.

I help women see how God is in their story by sharing my own story. These are the Tales Of A Sonrise Life. With every new sunrise, I pray that more women will see The Son rise in their family, in their marriage, in their friendships, in their own lives.

We All Need Grace

My name (Anna) means Full of Grace. But, I am a sinner. It’s my nature. However, I am also a daughter of The King, Christ Jesus, my Redeemer, and my God. I am a flawed and sinful woman, who knows the humbling, freeing power of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Therefore, as a forgiven sinner, I am reminded to be graceful to others. Sometimes I actually am, and other times I fall short. I miss the mark.

My opinions are my own. While I do prefer informed opinions over uninformed – I have the shoe prints on the inside of my mouth that say otherwise.

Likely, I will go on my merry way, stopping to pick the gravel out and apologize when needed. That’s life!

Be A Lifelong Learner

In the age of eCourses, eBooks, Podcasts, YouTube, and one of my favorites – – there is just no excuse to stop learning. As long as Google is a verb, a person can find out anything about anything – just google it. Or, take a look around here, at SkyBlueAnnie, where I will share my thoughts on faith and traditions, and making things simpler.

We even found videos on how to multiply matrices, when information like that was necessary for my son’s education. 

Is there an easy way to read the Bible?

Why bother with church — when it’s not even Easter or Christmas?

Want some seasonal color to brighten your yard, or the vase on your table?

Fun Facts

I married Lance, the man of my dreams just five days after graduating high school.

We still hold hands.

Annie. Anna. Anne. They’re all me.

Anna, after my maternal grandmother. My parents called me Annie. I wanted a more grown-up name, so I had Lance call me Anne. When we lived in the South, I was called “Miss Anne.”

We raised a mighty man of God. So, raising a son, plus the Risen Son, is where I came up with “Sonrise” for Tales Of A Sonrise Life.

We belong to a WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) church in our area.

If we ever move again, there must be a WELS church in the vicinity. (No joke. Reliably, thoroughly, Biblical — or as best as can be expected this side of heaven.)

My Minimum Requirements For Our Home Were:

    1. WELS congregation near enough to commute
    2. UPS and FedEx able to make deliveries, and
    3. High-speed Internet.

Well, I got 2 out of 3!  My Internet service provider is my cell phone. (Yet, I have managed to start a Blog!)

The blogosphere is vast, with countless choices and voices, and SkyBlueAnnie is just my tiny YOP! (Horton Hears a Who reference, folks.) Just one voice in a squillion. Maybe my voice will resonate with you, and you’ll come back to hear more Tales Of A Sonrise Life.

♥ ♥ ♥ I’d really like that! ♥ ♥ ♥

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